REDcycle becomes part of IQ Renew to expand recovery and create new markets for soft plastics

REDcycle becomes part of IQ Renew to expand recovery and create new markets for soft plastics

Liz CEO REDcycle and Danial CEO IQ Renew
Elizabeth Kasell CEO/RED Group & Danial Gallagher CEO/IQ Renew

We are thrilled to announce that REDcycle, the consumer soft plastics collection scheme, has now become a partnering arm of IQ Renew.

The merger will combine REDcycle’s network of partners and national drop off locations with IQ Renew’s innovative material processing technology; fulfilling a shared vision of two Australian organisations dedicated to creating a world where packaging waste is considered a resource, and playing a transformative role in the resource recovery sector.

The partnership will accelerate the development of a purpose-built facility called SPEC – soft plastic engineered commodity – which will be dedicated to creating streams of locally sourced, quality feedstock available for use in Australian based technologies such as mechanical and emerging advanced recycling.


REDcycle will be the primary supplier to the plant, with an opportunity to increase the scope and scale of the program in the coming months, including recovery of material from a broader range of sectors. As consumer involvement in the REDcycle Program continues to grow rapidly, with around three million pieces of soft plastic now being returned to REDcycle bins each day, more domestic offtake partners and new end markets are vital to ensure recovered soft plastics are recycled into new products and emerging opportunities such as PCR packaging can be realised.

Our two organisations will work with industry, retail, government, and offtake partners to develop a smooth-running circular system for post-consumer soft plastics; robustly linking the community’s desire to divert recyclable materials from landfill with the technology and infrastructure needed to deliver measurable outcomes.

We can’t wait to share more news about this exciting collaboration over the coming weeks and months – and we would like to sincerely thank our partners and the IQ Renew community for their ongoing support.

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