iQRenew and its partners Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF’s) receive co-mingled materials and cardboard.

By investing in these MRF’s, iQRenew will enhance their capability to secondary sort and prepare waste streams for markets.

What goes on at a MRF?

MRF Infographic - Sorting

Sorting Steps at a Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

1. Pre-Sort:
MRF staff manually remove contamination (e.g. plastic bags)

2. Star Screen Sorting:
A series of shafts fitted with rotating star shaped discs propel paper and cardboard forward, while bottles, cans and containers fall backward.

3. Glass:
Sent for further sorting by colour or to glass crusher.

4. Magnets:
Rotating magnets pick up steel cans.

5. Eddy Currents:
An electromagnetic field repels aluminium cans away from other products.

6. Optical Sorting:
Infrared sensors and air jets sort plastic types 1 and 2 (PET and HDPE respectively).

7. Manual Sorting:
MRF staff manually sort the other plastic types (3 to 7).