Transforming waste plastic to oil

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish1

The Cat-HTR™ platform helps divert plastic, otherwise sent to landfill, and in the process creates new products from waste.

Utilising End-of-Life Plastic (ELP) to make new products means diverting plastic from landfill and our oceans. Plus, with the exclusive Cat-HTR™ platform we can chemically recycle a previously unrecyclable plastic stream. This complements our physical recycling operations for other plastic streams – meaning a significantly greater percentage of plastic sent to MRFs will actually be recycled.

How can we do this?

Using water at near or supercritical temperatures, the Cat-HTR™ converts plastic otherwise sent to landfill into fuels and chemicals.

EOL plastic to plasticrude

The Cat-HTR™ chemically recycles waste plastic through a process known as hydrothermal upgrading. With over $75M invested over 10 years of development, the Cat-HTR™ is the only platform of its kind proven at large pilot scale and now commercially ready.

iQRenew owns the exclusive Australian rights to the Cat-HTR™ platform for plastic

Invented in Australia by Licella™, the Cat-HTR™ platform is proven to successfully convert a high concentration of waste plastic feedstock into a sustainable fossil oil alternative, which can be used to create new products such as fuels and chemicals.

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