The Cat-HTR advanced recycling technology

The breakthrough Cat-HTR technology developed by Licella makes a circular economy for all plastic possible.


From kerbside through the MRF

Find out what happens to the contents of your yellow and blue bins after they are collected and taken to a MRF (Material Recovery Facility). Follow the journey of your recyclables from kerbside to the MRF, as they are prepared for re-purposing into new products.

A new solution for waste plastics

Find out how iQ Renew is building a real solution for waste plastic, diverting it from landfill and our oceans. The Cat-HTR chemical recycling platform, combined with traditional physical recycling, means we can recycle more plastic than ever before.

More on the Cat-HTR platform

Find out more about the Cat-HTR chemical recycling platform, developed here in Australia by Licella over the past 13 years. The Cat-HTR technology is a versatile solution for a wide range of wastes, low value feedstocks and residues include End-of-Life Plastic. Find out more at